Northwood Missionary Auctions can recover Gift Aid from HMRC in circumstances where the donor has paid sufficient UK tax (Income or Capital Gains) during the year(s) in question. Items that are sold by Northwood Missionary Auctions are, in effect, donated to NMA as it is a registered Charity. The Trustees will in almost all circumstances (i.e.where it meets the requirements of the Trust Deed) pass on the proceeds of any sale to the Christian cause nominated by the donor of items for sale. We ask donors to decide whether we can use the recovered Gift Aid to defray some of the costs of the Trust or whether they would like a supplementary donation to be given to their chosen cause (or a mixture of both).

If you decide to give under the Gift Aid scheme, please download the Gift Aid declaration using the link below. We ask you to return that form, by post, to the address provided.

Link to Gift Aid form for download for return to the Trustees.