For over 40 years Northwood Missionary Auctions held its own auctions in Northwood and, to date, we have raised over £1million for Christian outreach.  As times have moved on we are no longer able to run our own sales but we are still able to sell valuable items through established independent auction houses often at reduced or zero commission.  We try to ensure your chosen Christian charities gain the maximum benefit as we guarantee zero or very low sales commission rates. 

If you have an item that you think could be sold at auction to raise money for missionary causes then this is how to proceed.


Please ensure that the organisation you want to benefit from the proceeds is within the terms of our Trust Deed.  You can find some more detail about this on our ‘organisations we support’ page. If you are still unclear as to whether your choice is one we can send money to then please call us.

Nearest Auction House

We will liaise with your chosen or nearest auction house, and we or they will make contact to discuss the suitability of the items for sale and how to get them to the saleroom.  Any costs of carriage or delivery to the saleroom will need to be borne by you or else deducted from the proceeds.

Commission and Expenses

We cannot guarantee low or zero commission rates, but we negotiate these whenever possible. Sometimes an Auction House will charge for inserting images in their catalogues and/or a small insurance premium against loss or breakages. These will be deducted from the proceeds forwarded to NMA.

Northwood Missionary Auctions will sell the items

Northwood Missionary Auctions (the “consignor”) will sell the items on your behalf and the proceeds will be sent to us by the Auction House.  Under charity law it is the responsibility of the Trustees of Northwood Missionary Auctions to decide where monies raised are to be sent.  However, in the vast majority of cases the Trustees are happy to follow the wishes of donors of items that have been given for sale.  The only criterion is that the proceeds must go to a cause that is covered by our ‘charitable objects’.

When will the sale take place

In most circumstances the Auction House will be able to tell you when the sale is taking place and we will tell you as soon as we receive the proceeds and are able to remit the funds to the designated organisation.  For more specialist sales this can be as much as several months.

Giving via Gift Aid

If you wish to donate via Gift Aid please download and fill in the form using the link below and return it to us.

Download our Gift Aid Form.

Intention to donate some items for Auction

If you wish to offer items for auction it would be helpful if you would let us know by completing the form below. Copy and paste the questions and your responses into an email and we will advise you on how to proceed. Alternatively, download the form using this link to a pdf document for printing and return by post. The email and postal addresses are on our Contact Page. Hopefully there will be a nearby Auction House/Saleroom that is in our network of supporting salerooms who we will be able to point you to. The auction house will make a decision on whether an item is suitable or not for sale and which particular sale it will be entered for. Only as a rough guide, there are few auction salerooms that will sell lots that are likely to raise less than a £50 hammer price.

Please fill in as much detail as possible!

 Full Name: (Mr/Mrs/Revd/Dr etc):

Address for correspondence:

Email address:

Town/city and/or post code where items are currently located if other than above:

Description of items proposed for sale:  (Please indicate size and age and material (e.g. silver, gold diamond, paste, brass/copper etc ) and condition*, if possible.  If you have had any valuations or thoughts on their value, then that would be helpful for us to know. )

Is there any time limit for disposal of these items (e.g. because of an impending move etc.? If so, please indicate):

Do you wish to give these items under the Gift Aid scheme? 

(If we do not already have your Gift Aid declaration please complete the form via this link.)

Which Missionary Society/Organisation do you wish the proceeds to be sent to?  If they are to be split across several please use percentages alongside each name:

Any other comments:  E.g.  ease of getting the items to you nearest Auction House: 

  • Note: condition is critical when it comes to glass and ceramics. A hairline crack or chip can reduce values by as much as 80% from ‘perfect’ condition.  Please see our FAQ on ‘Condition’.

By submitting this form you agree to Northwood Missionary Auctions making contact with an appropriate auction house for the sale of your items that you are giving to Northwood Missionary Auctions.  You also agree that my name and address can be passed on to the benefitting organisation(s).  NMA does not otherwise share personal information with any other organisation for any purpose whatever.